September 23, 2023
Can Belfast Have the ‘Best Town’ In Ireland and the UK?

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North Belfast youths in stand off with police as rest of city is quiet

Police have launched a search operation after a tense stand-off took place in north Belfast between rioting youths and officers who were called to the area last night.

North Belfast has been without normal life in the past two days as a stand off between protesters and Police continues.

A group of young rioters took over a housing estate and occupied a house.

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Belfast: Man dies after fire at Edenvale Crescent

A man has died after a house in the south side of Belfast caught fire. Firefighters were called to Edenvale Crescent shortly before 9pm on Monday.

Police are investigating the death of a man in east Belfast after a fire broke out at a house.

A man has died after a fire broke out in a house in Belfast City Centre. Firefighters were called to the scene on Edenvale Crescent around 6.30pm last night. They managed to bring the blaze under control and rescue a man who had been trapped inside.

A man has died after a fire ripped through a house in Belfast. The blaze took place in Edenvale Crescent in the Dunmurry area at around 6am this morning. Fire crews have been called to the scene to tackle the blaze. They have described the situation as ‘complex’ with a ‘large number of people evacuated’. No injuries have yet

Belfast City Council said the death of a man was being treated as murder. Police have launched a murder investigation following the fatal blaze on Sunday morning in west Belfast. The fire broke out at Edenvale Crescent, near Holywood Park. A 31-year-old man was found dead in the home, with police saying he suffered “significant injuries.”

Belfast by PSNI ‘armed response’ as part of INLA investigation

A PSNI spokesman said officers were investigating the shooting at the home in the west of the city last week. He said “at this time it is not believed there are any other incidents”.

Police say the use of armed response in Belfast has been confirmed as part of an investigation into the murder of an Irish Republican Army (IRA) member.

Police in Northern Ireland have launched a major investigation into the killing of an IRA man in the city’s north-west last night. The PSNI has said it is examining CCTV footage to establish whether the murder was linked to recent violent dissident activity.

The PSNI have launched a ‘gun response’ in connection with an investigation into the murder of Martin McGuiness. The response has seen armed officers searching for weapons and explosives at an address in the Cregagh area of north Belfast.

In the aftermath of the tragic Omagh bombing in 1998, Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) detectives were given a tip off by the Provisional IRA that their “own man” was planning a major attack on a shopping centre in the city of Belfast.

Belfast: Police attacked during another night of violence

Another night of violence in Belfast. The PSNI are investigating a number of incidents including shots fired at a police patrol car in the Ardoyne area of north Belfast, and an attack on the PSNI at a petrol station.

Police were forced to withdraw from the streets of north Belfast this evening after being targeted by masked rioters who threw petrol bombs and fireworks at them during another night of violence.

Another night of violence has left police officers in Belfast injured. Six police officers were injured and a police community support officer was killed during a protest in the city centre. Police had to close down a number of streets in the city including Donegall Street, High Street, and Westmoreland Street. The protest took place in the city centre after a woman was killed by a diss

Police were called to a second night of violence in the north east of the city on Sunday evening. Residents reported hearing gunshots at about 9pm. When officers arrived at the scene they found three men suffering stab wounds. A 27-year-old man was taken to hospital with serious but non life threatening injuries. The other two men are also in hospital where their condition is not

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Our conclusion belfast news blog covers the latest news stories from all over the world. We also have coverage of business, politics, entertainment and other news items.

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